Introducing Guest Blogger, Prince

H-STAT has a new guest blogger for the fall!

As the H-STAT practicum student this fall, I will be periodically writing posts for the H-STAT blog this semester. Here’s a little bit about me.

My name is Prince Emenalo and I am 23 years old and presently residing in Austell, Georgia.

I am a first generation Nigerian American born at Grady Memorial Hospital and raised in Metro Atlanta.

After graduating from South Cobb High School in 2009, I went on to receiving my bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut in 2013.

Currently I am pursing my master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Health Management and Policy at Georgia State University.

I also work part time for Ridgeview Institute, which specializes in mental health and addiction, on the Adult Inpatient Unit as a clinical assistant for over a year now.

Being a first generation Nigerian American, cultural awareness is very important to me.

The United States is a melting pot of people from all over the world coming from various countries and cultures that make up the American population. It’s the differences in cultures that may affect how healthcare and healthy practices are interpreted in different households. My specific interest in pubic health falls within these immigrant populations and the healthcare gaps associated with them.

I think that “healthy” can be interpreted differently among immigrant populations especially populations who have newly arrived from other countries. Appropriate diet, exercise, weight, living conditions, and even what is considered serious illness all could be things seen differently by immigrant groups.

This is why I intend to learn more about these groups who are just like my family, transplanted people who also want to live the “healthy” American dream.

Prince Emenalo

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