About Us

Health Students Taking Action Together, Inc. (H-STAT) is a nonprofit, member organization run by health professional students in Georgia.  H-STAT seeks to make being active in the health community a professional habit.  By helping students and health professionals see advocacy as a continuum that links education and service to policy, we can facilitate the development of a new cohort of health leaders.

At H-STAT, we know that health students have significant course loads and little time to spare. We also know that classrooms and labs aren’t the only places to learn.  By joining He-STAT, you’ll get hands-on experience in your community that will help you appreciate and contextualize what you’re learning in school.

H-STAT members are connected to their communities in ways many students aren’t.  We keep you informed about important health issues and provide you with the opportunities and skills to affect the key decisions facing Georgia.


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Health Students Taking Action Together (H-STAT) is a student-run, non-profit organization that unites professional students throughout the state and across disciplines in service, education, and advocacy to promote a healthier Georgia.


We hope to create a healthier Georgia through the development of professional leaders who effect change through interdisciplinary collaboration and embody a civic ethic that will benefit our state for years to come.

Our Values


Georgians deserve access to a fair and equitable health care system.  It is the responsibility and privilege of health care professionals to ensure that this right is made available to all Georgians.


Health is a cornerstone of our democracy.  Healthy people and communities are able to maximize opportunities and contribute to the betterment of society.


Students and young professionals have a voice in shaping our health care system.  Advocacy, education, and leadership are vital to the future.


We are accountable to our peers and our selves.  We reflect on the outcome of our efforts to ensure that we remain true to our mission.


Interdisciplinary collaboration for the common good is the result of engagement, service, and a sense of unity.


A healthy future is possible for all Georgians.  This motivates us to invest in leaders. Students and young professionals play a vital role in reducing health disparities by investing energy in improving the health of those most vulnerable among us.

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