ACA Implementation: Calorie Counts to Appear in More Than Restaurants?

One of the first measures of the Affordable Care Act to roll out was the requirement for restaurants to post calorie counts for items on their menus. The FDA, however, wants to take it one step further, requiring other institutions, such as movie theaters and airplanes, to offer calorie counts. Although nutrition advocates applaud the move, industry is heavily against it.

The new law requires chains of 20 or more locations to provide calorie counts for food items. The FDA uses this jargon to include grocery stores and convenience stores and other locations who are also considered part of a “chain.”

The FDA has yet to release its policy, which is expected this December – in the meantime, trade groups, advocates, and government officials will continue the debate.

There have been studies that debate the effectiveness of posting food calorie counts. Is this a tool that works best as part of a whole obesity strategy? How can we make it most effective?

Read more coverage from the Wall Street Journal here.



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