Everyone should have health insurance? I say everyone should have health care. I’m not selling insurance.

-Dennis Kucinich

The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost-effective way.

-Bernie Sanders

I am all for using business – public and private – to expand healthcare coverage.

-Bob McDonnell

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Welcome to the H-STAT blog. We try to keep as many current events and topics listed here as possible. We appreciate your support!

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The start of a thesis project

ealthcare services in the United States have always been a hot topic of debate but as of recently is has been THE debate. In Georgia specifically, one of several states that chose not to expand coverage, the healthcare debate is ongoing....

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More Posts from our Blog

The 2016 Legislative Session

The legislative session was a period of firsts for me. One first was being able to be a part of and also witness the myriad of activities that takes place within such a short time span. Various groups and various agendas are in play and everyone wants to take action...

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2016 Leadership Symposium

I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve H-STAT as the Education co-chair for the past year (2015-2016). As a responsibility of this position, I had the pleasure of organizing and attending H-STAT’s 13th Annual Leadership Symposium (for the first time). If this...

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2016 Georgia Legislative Updates

Senate Bill 257: Prefiled January 7, 2016 Current Status: Prefiled January 7, 2016 Firearm safety and firearm possession are very popular issues in recent times. Currently Georgia State University had a rash of armed robberies near the school library and a recent...

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A Day at the Capitol

The Legislative breakfast, an event hosted by Healthy Students Taking Action Together, Inc. (H-STAT), was a morning filled with insight and discussion. This marking only my second trip inside of the state Capitol, it was like a peak behind the curtain. I got to hear...

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