Legislative Training Day is 3 weeks away

Our Legislative Training Day is coming up on February 22nd! It will include an overview of advocacy, breakout sessions to learn about current legislation, a panel discussion on how to incorporate advocacy into your practice, and a keynote address by Representative Bee Nguyen. Lunch is also included.

The Breakout Sessions will include the following organizations:

  • Georgia Public Policy Foundation 
  • Feminist Women’s Health Center 
  • Physicians for a National Health Program 
  • Fair Fight
  • Southern Center for Human Rights

The interactive panel will feature the following participants:

  • Rebecca Philipsborn, MD – Climate Change
  • Antoinette Nguyen, MD – Reproductive Justice
  • Henry Kahn, MD – Medicare for All
  • Gabriel Onofre, MD – Homlessness
  • Elizabeth Beck, MSW – Prison reform

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