Candlelight Vigil for the Uninsured 2015

Help us speak up about this issue! The vigil will take place outside of the main Grady Hospital entrance (at Gilmer St) on Monday, October 26th at 6:30 pm. The event will include several speakers, including Dr. Liz Frye, Dr. Maura George, George Chidi, Laura Colbert, and some uninsured patients.

Trans Pacific Partnership will limit medication access

The Trans-pacific partnership may restrict medication access….A potential final round of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations will be taking place in Atlanta next week and a number of wonderful organizations, including Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, are trying to increase awareness of the access to medicines issues and put pressure on negotiators to not trade away our health….

Trauma Centers at the Breaking Point

In 2007, Newsweek magazine described a typical Saturday night in Grady Memorial Hospital’s emergency room, the only Level I trauma center within 120 miles of Atlanta, as overwhelmed doctors and nurses struggled to treat patients brought in from across the state with life-threatening injuries:

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