Advocacy for Grady Dialysis Patients this Tuesday and Wednesday

Advocacy for Grady Dialysis Patients this Tuesday and Wednesday

Several advocacy groups have continued to work on ensuring dialysis patients keep receiving life-saving care they need. Last year, Grady was forced to close its dialysis center due to financial constraints. This action left 40 undocumented patients without dialysis care.  Below, read a release from the Grady Coalition Advocates:

40 undocumented dialysis patients have received word from Grady hospital that they would be responsible for finding their own dialysis care after August 31st. Grady had been paying a private dialysis provider called Fresenius to provide dialysis care to the patients up to this point.

Patients, community members, students, politicians etc. will be at the vigil. The pressure from the media has been our most effective tool thus far in continuing care for the patients and this should be a good opportunity to keep this up.

Candlelight Vigil
Tuesday August 31st
8:30 pm
Grady Hospital main entrance

Also, Wednesday, September 1, at 10 AM, there will be a meeting of the Fulton County Commission. Please come out to voice your concern that the Commission use its influence to keep services going to the dialysis patients. (Location: 141 Pryor St, SW, Atlanta 30303.)

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