As health students, you have more power than you realize to effect change.  Why wait until you’re out of school to have a positive impact on the health of your community? Health care is a complex, coordinated delivery of important services.  If you don’t consider healthcare activities at the level of policy, you may overlook how policy affects both healthcare and individuals.

Policy is the root where healthcare change begins.

At H-STAT, our non-partisan advocacy work is driven by the principle that we all suffer the consequences of a public health failure.  It is inspired by our shared enthusiasm to improve the health of all Georgians through intelligent public health policy.  Health care and public health need sympathetic leaders who advocate for their patients and communities, not their own professional interests.

H-STAT advocates for changes in healthcare policy in a number of ways:

  • Training students in how to effectively advocate for policy change
  • Encouraging students to personally add their voices to policy discussions, whether in neighborhoods, school districts, city councils, state legislators and even Congress
  • Educating the community and health professionals about healthcare access issues
  • Providing a human face to the issue of healthcare access by collecting patient stories from patients who lack health insurance
  • Hosting an annual Candlelight Vigil to honor those who have died due to lack of access to healthcare
  • Engaging with our state legislators to discuss our legislative agenda during the annual Legislative Breakfast
  • Drafting legislation to propose to the state legislature

Want to get involved in our advocacy efforts?

Our 2020 Legislative Agenda and Policy Statements