Cut Hypertension

Black-owned barbershops hold special appeal for community-based [hypertension] intervention…because they are a cultural institution that draws a large and loyal male clientele and provides an open forum for discussion of numerous topics, including health, with influential peers.Dr. Ronald G. Victor

H-STAT is bringing this barber shop-based hypertension education and screening program to Atlanta.  Cut Hypertension aims to reduce the prevalence of uncontrolled hypertension in the black community by engaging health professions students from across disciplines in service and education. In addition to hypertension screenings and health education, the program provides lifestyle coaching and information about local health care resources.

Street Medicine

Groups of three to four volunteers visit Faith Barber Shop, Fade Away Cutz, and Getting Ahead Barber Shop weekly. During two-hour visits, volunteers measure customers’ blood pressures and discuss results, providing educational information and resources. Our chapter in Macon has their own Cut Hypertension program, and we aim to expand the program to two additional barber shops this year.

Minimum Time Commitment: 2 hours per month

Volunteer Training

To volunteer with the Cut Hypertension Program, you must first complete the training process. This process involves several steps:

  1. Watch the video presentation below.
  2. Complete a short quiz that tests your knowledge of the information presented in the training video.
  3. Contact the Cut Hypertension Chair using the contact button above.
  4. Practice taking blood pressures, and be signed-off by a designated trainer.
  5. Sign up for a date and location.