Cutting Hypertension: A volunteer perspective

I am thoroughly pleased to serve as the Chair of the Cut Hypertension Program for the past two years. I joined the program because I believed in the mission, to help reduce uncontrolled hypertension in African American men through education and blood pressure screening. Visiting the shops and seeing the familiar faces of the barbers and patrons, truly brightens my day. They are always so welcoming and appreciative of the service that we provide. I personally delight in educating the barbers and clients about what takes place in the body when blood pressure increases and the adverse conditions that could occur as result. Although some clients seem hesitant at first, after a little convincing they give in and are glad that they have complied. The work Cut Hypertension Program does help to improve the lives and health of Georgia citizens.

Check out this page to learn more about the Cut Hypertension Program and how to get involved.

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