Giving Tuesday: Advocacy

We’re continuing to highlight the work of several of our programs following on the heals of Giving Tuesday this week in hopes that you will be inspired to support our work at H-STAT as part of this global day of giving. As a 501(c)3, we rely entirely on donations to meet our annual budget and all of your donations to H-STAT are tax deductible. Donations of any amount are appreciated and help us continue our work to create a healtheir Georgia. Donate today, and learn how else you can get involved at

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Advocacy is fundamental to H-STAT’s founding impetus.  Increasingly today, in our fractured healthcare system, particularly in Georgia, H-STAT strives to show why and teach how advocacy matters for our patients — why it is essential, as caregivers, to go beyond the clinic to ensure an equitable environment of wellbeing and continuum of care for our community. 

As with every year, the advocacy portion focuses on two main activities. This includes our annual policy briefs writings — our official stance on Georgia legalisation — to our Legislative Training Day.  Past policy briefs included stances supporting Medicaid Expansion and furthering Gun Safety Laws.  Coupled with our legislative training, we subsequently lead a visit to the Capitol to speak with representatives on the ropes.

This year, in preparation for the upcoming 2020 election, we hope to strengthen our relationship with community partners as we strive together to further healthcare access, safe housing for those currently experiencing homelessness to larger structural issues around reproductive justice, prison reform, and climate change here in Georgia. 

We deeply appreciate your support — in whatever form it may take — as we approach the 2020 legislative season.

Since it’s conception, advocacy has been the cornerstone of H-STAT’s mission. H-STAT helped organize students to testify as part of the Grady is Vital campaign.

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