Giving Tuesday: Cut Hypertension

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Cut Hypertension at GSU

When students at Georgia State decided to expand H-STAT and bring a chapter to their school in the Summer of 2019, they knew one of their primary goals was to create a community partnership that would promote consistent volunteer opportunities for GSU students and provide service to those in the Atlanta area. Georgia State Public Health students have brought their lens on health promotion through interdisciplinary action to this program and have brought volunteers from fields such as nursing, physical therapy, exercise science, public health, and medicine.

GSU H-STAT leaders focused on expanding the already existing Cut Hypertension program and bringing a location to Edgewood Avenue. They focused on building trust in the community, stakeholder engagement, and mobilizing students. The program has since evolved and includes partnerships with the American Heart Association, Department of Public Health, Wheat Street Baptist Church, and The Swag Shop. The barbers spend their Saturday mornings volunteering to do free haircuts for the homeless, and GSU students have focused on this community as well. Students volunteer every other Saturday to do free blood pressure screenings, health promotion, and health education.

Students help clients understand what their blood pressure numbers mean and promote healthy lifestyle changes.

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