Giving Tuesday: Prison Praxis

We’re continuing to highlight the work of several of our programs following on the heals of Giving Tuesday this week in hopes that you will be inspired to support our work at H-STAT as part of this global day of giving. As a 501(c)3, we rely entirely on donations to meet our annual budget and all of your donations to H-STAT are tax deductible. Donations of any amount are appreciated and help us continue our work to create a healtheir Georgia. Donate today, and learn how else you can get involved at

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Prison Praxis

Prison Praxis is an H-STAT service program dedicated to building a network of support for locally incarcerated individuals. Through the program, our goal is to expose health students and professionals to the lived realities of those living behind bars through regular visits to prisons, detention centers and jails around Georgia while cultivating consciousness amongst health students and professionals about the effect of incarceration on the individual, community, and society at large via post-visit debriefs and speaking events. We also partner with local grassroots organizations around Georgia who advocate for and work directly with incarcerated individuals, building the capacity of these organizations to incorporate the skills/perspectives of health students and professionals. 

Students learn about the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin County, GA.

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