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Student Taskforce on ACEs and Resilience (STAR)

The H-STAT Student Taskforce on ACEs and Resilience (STAR) aims to unite students from across disciplines and universities in Georgia to increase education, activism and research on the impacts of early childhood adversity on lifelong health. Furthermore, we aim to promote opportunities for training in trauma-informed care so that as future healthcare providers and public health professionals, we can approach patients and populations in sensitive and effective ways that honor each person’s history and optimizes their future. 

In its first year, STAR has established three branches and has hosted a variety of exciting events: 

Extracurricular Learning Series: 

  • Over the past year, we have hosted a monthly extracurricular, inter-institutional learning event including journal clubs, film screenings, and discussion groups. Topics have included ACEs in the foster care system, the impact of ACEs and time of onset of chronic disease in adolescence, and screenings of Paper Tigers and Resilience. These events have taken place at Emory and Georgia State University. 
  • We are in the process of creating a research consortium that aims to provide opportunities for students and researchers/mentors from diverse institutions to connect and collaborate on research surrounding ACEs, trauma, and resilience. We hope that this will assist students with research requirements as well as those hoping to become engaged in research on an extracurricular basis. 

Research Consortium: Curricular Change Committee: 

  • We are hoping to influence curricula at diverse institutions and training programs to advance knowledge on the impacts of ACEs and the potential of promoting resilience. This includes nursing schools, medical schools, public health schools, and more.
  • So far, the Emory School of Nursing has formed a faculty-student collaborative discussing these opportunities, while Emory School of Medicine has identified areas to incorporate trauma-informed care and information about ACEs in pre-clinical and clinical years. 

Trauma-Informed Care Training Day: 

  • On October 19, 2019 we hosted an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional Trauma-Informed Care Training Day that sought to provide practical, implementable techniques for students and practitioners alike as they work alongside patients and populations. The event had over 100 attendees from diverse institutions and professional backgrounds, including social work, psychology, nursing, medicine, and public health. 


  • We are interested in learning about opportunities to engage in advocacy and policy reform as it relates to early childhood and later life adversity and resilience in the pursuit of health promotion.

We appreciate your support moving forward as we hope to continue advancing our engagement in what has been called one of the greatest public health topics of our time. 

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