Help for Grady Dialysis Patients

Help for Grady Dialysis Patients

A deal brokered yesterday between Grady Memorial Hospital and local dialysis providers will likely allow the patients displaced by the closing of Grady’s outpatient dialysis clinic last year continue to receive treatment. However, the underlying problem of paying for dialysis care for patients who are not eligible for Medicare remains unsolved.

From the New York Times:

Thirty-eight end-stage renal patients, most of them illegal immigrants, would receive the dialysis they need to stay alive at no cost under a rough agreement brokered Tuesday among local dialysis providers and Atlanta’s safety-net hospital, Grady Memorial.

The deal, if completed, would end a yearlong impasse that has come to symbolize the health care plight of the country’s uninsured immigrants and the taxpayer-supported hospitals that end up caring for them. The problem remains unaddressed by the new health care law, which maintains the federal ban on government health insurance for illegal immigrants.

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