Key BIPOC Voices in Healthcare

During this pivotal moment, we would like to take this moment to highlight key BIPOC voices in healthcare and augment their platform as we all strive toward a more just and equitable society.  A rising star on the national stage, Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris, the first Surgeon General of California, writes a heart-wrenching reflection of how the recent deaths of unarmed black individuals  have emotionally affected her as a black woman herself and mother of two black teenage boys. 

Closer to home, Dr. Kimberly Manning, renowned Grady physician and Emory Department of Medicine Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, appeared on the Clinical Problem Solvers podcast alongside her father, a black man who grew up in the Jim Crowe-era south,  to share personal anecdotes about the impact racism has had on their lives.  Further, we invite you all to listen to the upcoming audio documentary series from the Nocturnist highlighting black voices in healthcare.  The series launches on most podcast platforms on June 30th, but is also still accepting submissions from black individuals involved in healthcare on their website. 

While we acknowledge the extreme diversity of experiences and perspectives within black healthcare workers, we hope that by augmenting the voices and platforms of these BIPOC changemakers in healthcare, we begin the work of decolinizing healthcare and begin building a more inclusive, anti-racist movement committed to improving the health of ALL Georgians.

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