Prison Praxis

We recognize that our mission as healthcare providers is closely informed by our dedication to alleviating inequity, which leads us to our work with one of the most medically neglected populations locally: the incarcerated. Through our Prison Praxis series, we hope to build relationships with detainees at Stewart Detention Center and South Fulton Detention Center that can not only illuminate the realities of life in detention, which is a vital part of developing conscious health practitioners, but also continue the process of building sustained and much needed trust between healthcare professionals and historically medically neglected populations.

Students from across the healthcare spectrum participating in Prison Praxis receive the opportunity to visit individuals in detention in person throughout the year to hear their narratives, empower their voice, and foster a constructive dialogue between the healthcare network and the incarcerated. We also recognize that students come from a diverse background of experiences: some participants may be very familiar with the realities of the incarcerated, while others may have never met someone who’s been incarcerated before. We support students at any stage of their learning experience through not only sufficient preparation but also post-visit support sessions guided by professionals and advocates with many years of exposure to the realities of incarceration and work that centers the incarcerated. This includes presentations, speeches, group activities, and guided discussions from local physicians, policy influencers, law experts, academics, grassroots organizers, and formerly incarcerated individuals to allow students to process their recent visits in an intimate and safe environment conducive to growth.