STAR Research Database: Margaret O’Brien Caughy

Institution: University of Georgia

Position: Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Family Health Disparities

Research Interests: parenting, culture, African American child development, Latinx child development, ethnic racial socialization, self-regulation development, academic achievement, language development; racism and discrimination

Accepting Students: Yes

Current Projects: Current Projects: Dallas Project on Education Pathways (DPREP): A longitudinal study of African American and Latinx children living in low-income families from age 2.5 years through 7th grade. Primary aims are focused on the determinants of self-regulation development, the relation of parenting to self-regulation development, and the relation of self-regulation to academic achievement and behavioral development. Also includes longitudinal measures of ethnic-racial socialization, racism and discrimination, and ethnic identity development
Fathering and Language Development in African American and Latinx families: A secondary analysis using existing videos of father-child and mother-child interaction from DPREP to develop and implement new observational measures of fathering behavior and examine their relation to child language development.