Steppin’ for Health: Making a difference one step at a time

Steppin’ for Health is an afterschool program for kids in grades K-5 that focuses on teaching them about healthy eating and physical activity. Volunteers facilitate lessons at the Boys & Girls Club for 7 weeks while also teaching them a step that they perform for friends and family on the 8th week. Steppin’ for Health typically serves about 30 children with help from 6 – 10 student volunteers. My favorite thing about the program is the lesson when the children think of all of the fruits and vegetables for each color of the rainbow and write them down on a rainbow drawing. UntitledThen the children do a taste test with at least one fruit and vegetable per color and they get to try a bunch of new foods. It is so funny watching them make faces while trying the fruits and veggies. A lot of the children had never tried cherry tomatoes or sugar snap peas but they were so open to trying everything and got excited when they discover a new fruit or vegetable they like. Some of them even said they asked their parents to buy a fruit or vegetable they liked. Steppin’ for Health has been a great experience to put my health education skills into practice. It is a great program for students get to involved in if they are interested in nutrition and physical activity, working with children, or health education. This year the program will take place at the Warren and Holyfield Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta on Thursday evenings.

You can learn more about the Steppin’ for Health program and learn how to get involved here.

Update 2019: H-STAT is not currently running the Steppin’ for Health program.

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