Two Miami Public Hospitals to Close

Mar 06 12:28

Two Miami Public Hospitals to Close

Jackson Health System, the health care safety net in the Miami region, announced that it plans to close two of its five hospitals. Recently, Jackson also announced that, like Grady Health System in Atlanta, it would be unable to continue paying for regular outpatient dialysis treatments for uninsured patients.

From the New York Times:

At risk of running out of money in May, Miami’s public health care system is considering closing two of its five hospitals and laying off 4,487 employees — a third of its work force, the chief executive said Friday.

Eneida Roldan, the chief executive, told the governing board of the system, Jackson Health, that 1,000 jobs would be eliminated from the main hospital, Jackson Memorial, and that most of the rest would come with the closing of its two community hospitals, Jackson South and Jackson North. The closings would mean the loss of 581 acute-care beds.

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